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I’m a freelance writer, author, volunteer and yoga enthusiast whose work has run the gamut from the serious to the absurd.

I started out as a journalist covering the PGA Tour then made the seamless transition to rodeos in the desolate West. A few years later, I landed one of my dream gigs writing satirical bits for The Onion. Now, I primarily dabble in advertising, where I’ve created an assortment of content for General Motors, USAA, the U.S. Navy and the U.S. Postal Service.

What’s next? Putting the finishing touches on my second book (a comedic tale about a washed up tennis pro) and continuing to live a silly, wonderful life while giving back in any way I can.

Looking for an experienced writer and art director duo to take your idea to the next level? Please reach out to me or my work partner, Phil Foster.

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